Michael Graziano Music

saxophone and flute


What’s covered in lessons?

For beginners:
– Putting together your instrument and how to take care of it.
– Setting up the mouthpiece and reed (for saxophone).
– A discussion about the embouchure, or mouth position.
– Putting it all together and getting a sound.
– Proper fingering position.
– Proper breathing technique.
– Introduction to reading music and time.

From this beginning I build on your ability to put all the above together to produce a beautiful tone and make music. To me tone is very important!¬†It’s the voice that captures the listener. I will work with you on exercises & technique to strengthen and develop your own sound as well as learning to read music as a means to play your instrument.

For intermediate players:
– Continue to develop technique and build a song list.
– Introduction to music theory.
– Learn to play-along with prerecorded music tracks.
– Develop your sense of rhythm & timing.
– Ear training to develop playing from what you hear, not what you see.

For advanced players:
– Expand on music theory and begin analyzing chord changes in songs.
– Develop technique for improvisation.
– Use prerecorded music tracks to improvise with.
– Transcribe melodies & solos from recorded music.
– Continue to develop your tone, range and dexterity on your instrument.

This is an overview of how I approach my lessons. I tailor the lessons to each individual students needs, interests, and ability, trying to strike a balance of keeping it interesting and moving you along in your abilities to master the instrument. I do my best to inspire you and keep you motivated in your pursuit to play music.

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